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Lesley and I were married in 1970 (an easy date to remember, you might think, though I got it famously wrong in my speech at Anna and Matt's wedding!). We lived for about eighteen months in The Potteries, where Lesley was teaching at the time, then moved to Crewe in the summer of '71, and have been here ever since.
Anna was born in February 1976, and it was evident before long that she would need a lot more room than was available in our first house, so we moved to our present home in 1981, where we have lived happily ever after.
Matt joined the family, officially, in October 2001, at what was (we think) the social event of the year.
The family was further extended when Archie was born 2nd May 2005. He was joined last year (29/6/08) by Jack.